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⠀⠀The use of the services of the Training #PRODengi is governed by the terms of the legal agreement (contract) between you (the user of the site) and us - the company "Smart International Business" (hereinafter referred to as the "Site Administration", "us" or "we").
This document describes the main provisions of this agreement, as well as some of its conditions.
⠀⠀“Smart International Business” services are understood as Limited Liability Partnership “Smart International Business” (BIN 210640027432).
Unless you have not entered into a written contract or agreement, so your contract with Smart International Business will include the terms and provisions set forth herein (hereinafter referred to as the “General Conditions for #PRODengi Training”).
Please read these General Conditions carefully.
⠀⠀In addition to the General Terms, your agreement with Smart International Business also includes Additional Terms of Service published directly on the product (service) description page.
The General Terms and Additional Terms (hereinafter referred to as the “TERMS”) form a legally binding contract for the provision of the Services.

⠀⠀2.1. To be able to use the services, you must accept the terms. Until the acceptance of the Terms, the use of the Services of "Smart International Business" is prohibited.
⠀⠀2.2. You can accept the Terms in the following ways:
⠀⠀— (A) performing an action indicating acceptance of the Terms (by clicking on a button, ticking a checkbox, or similar action) on the service order page on the website/payment page; or
⠀⠀— (B) by actual use of the Services. In this case, You agree that we will consider the fact of using the Services as acceptance of the Terms.
⠀⠀ By using the services offered, you accept all of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the published General Terms or Additional Terms, please leave this page and stop using the Services.

⠀⠀ 3.1. The subject of the agreement is participation in the Transformational Training #PRODengi. Laws of Money.
⠀⠀ 3.2. Terms of Service
⠀⠀A User can be any person who accepts the Terms and uses the Services.

⠀⠀4.1. In case of purchasing a ticket for the #PRODеньги Training or booking participation in it, you get access to paid content. You can purchase a ticket for the Training for a one-time fee, or you can book the participation by prepayment and paying the full cost by the due date.
Some tasks of the Training involve independent work and the completion of certain tasks (homework) that are part of the process of providing services.
⠀⠀4.2. Prices and cost of services
⠀⠀The cost of the Training is published on the page for ordering services, as well as on channels and chats in messengers.
⠀⠀The final cost of services in the currency of payment (KZT) is displayed on the payment page for services, as well as in the bank statement on your card. The cost of services does not include additional commissions of banks and payment systems.

⠀⠀5.1. By using the Services, you accept these General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the content of these documents, leave this page and stop using the services.
⠀⠀5.2. If you place an order for the services, or use our services, You agree that we can send You written notices, promotional mailings, informational messages and other materials to the phone number and email address specified during registration. In some cases, You can refuse to receive them when needed.
⠀⠀5.3. You must comply with all Terms and Conditions that you will be asked to read when placing an order or in the process of using the services. You agree that you will not engage in activities that disrupt the operation of the site, the Services, or their associated servers and networks.
⠀⠀5.4. You accept full responsibility for any breach of Your obligations under the Terms and for all consequences of such breach.

⠀⠀6.1. The procedure for the formation and conclusion of the relevant transaction (agreement) depends on the product (service package) you have chosen and the method of payment.
⠀⠀6.2. Placing an order and paying for the Services on the payment page (entering your payment details) is not possible without obtaining your prior consent to these General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy (without putting the mark “I have read and accept the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy” in the corresponding checkbox, under the data collection form.)
6.3. The moment of conclusion of the contract
⠀⠀If you purchase tickets for the Training online or offline, you enter into a sales contract of tickets for the event at the moment you click on the “Participate” or “Buy” button (or other similar field). In this case, the Agreement includes the General Conditions and Additional Conditions for the Use of the Services.
In the case of paying for an order without using systems for accepting electronic payments, the Сontract with you is considered concluded at the time you pay for the transfer of funds or pay in cash.
⠀⠀6.4. Correction of input errors
⠀⠀By registering on our website or ordering services, you can interrupt the checkout process at any time and correct input errors until the registration or ordering process is completed - payment for services / tickets.
⠀⠀You can also always contact us and report input errors.

⠀⠀7.1. Training refers to one-time services and has a fixed term for the provision of services. After the expiration of the specified period, the provision of services will be terminated at the end of the specified period for the provision of services.
⠀⠀7.2. You understand and agree that we can unilaterally postpone the date and time of the Training and this is not considered a violation of the contract on our part.

⠀⠀8.1. By booking the services of "Smart International Business" You place an early order for services at a reduced price, subject to payment of the cost of the reservation. You undertake to pay the rest of the cost of services within the terms and conditions of the promotional offer published on our website, announced at events or in written messages sent to you.
⠀⠀8.2. Subject to the additional payment of the difference in cost, you can always re-order for a package of services of a higher value, regardless of which package of services you booked (subject to availability).
⠀⠀8.3. Please note that the amount paid by You (the cost of the booking) is considered a deposit and is transferred by You on account of the due payments, as evidence of the conclusion of the contract and to ensure its execution. If You do not fully pay for the booked services within the specified period, we will withhold the entire amount of the deposit and the cost of the reservation will not be refundable.
⠀⠀8.4. You can always use the amount you paid (the cost of the booking) as a partial payment for other services of Smart International Business within two (2) calendar months from the date of making the deposit - to do this, contact our customer support service After the expiration of the specified period, you lose this opportunity.

⠀⠀9.1. In the case of purchasing a ticket for the Training on the order page, at the time of placing the order (successful entry of payment details into the payment system frame), a one-time write-off of the cost of the ordered services occurs.
⠀⠀9.2. Non-performance of payment obligations
⠀⠀We reserve the right to file claims for violation of the established terms of payment for services. In case of the breach of the next payment, we have the right not to start the provision of the Services or suspend their provision, until they are properly paid.

⠀⠀10.1. You can familiarize yourself with the available payment methods for our services on the website/order page.
⠀⠀10.2. In case of payment for services by bank transfer, you are obliged to inform us about the payment made and send the image of documents confirming the payment for services to the Training Client Care Specialist in the Telegram messenger. You understand that by paying for services by bank transfer, you confirm your acceptance of the Terms of Service.
⠀⠀10.3. We reserve the right, at any time, at our sole discretion, to change the payment method for the purchased product and / or refuse the previously offered payment method, offering alternative payment methods.

⠀⠀11.1. Disclaimer Policy
⠀⠀You have the right to refuse paid services by notifying us within the established time limits.
⠀⠀The date we receive the return request determines the possibility of a refund, as well as the amount of deductions associated with the return.
⠀⠀11.2. No-participation policy for the #PRODеngi Training
⠀⠀If we receive a return request:
⠀⠀— (A) sixty (60) or more calendar days before the scheduled date of the event or master class, regardless of the reasons for refusal, we will return you all the funds received (minus the commissions of payment systems associated with the return);
- (B) in the period from fifty nine (59) to thirty (30) calendar days inclusive before the scheduled date of the holding or master class, regardless of the reasons for the refusal - we return the funds received, withholding fifty (50)% of the amount paid;
⠀⠀— (B) in the period from twenty-nine (29) to fifteen (15) calendar days inclusive before the scheduled date of the event, or master class, regardless of the reasons for the refusal - we return the funds received, withholding seventy-five (75) % of the amount paid;
⠀⠀— (D) less than fifteen (15) calendar days before the scheduled date of the event, and after the start of the event (first day) and later - we do not issue a refund. We will withhold the entire amount of the advance as compensation for damages caused by the unilateral withdrawal from the contract.
⠀⠀11.3. Return processing
⠀⠀To refuse services and process a return, email us at, we will confirm receipt of the return request by email to the specified address when placing the order. If you do not receive a written confirmation within 24 hours from the date of sending the letter, please contact Anastasia the Coordinator of the Company at +7 778 008 60 70.
⠀⠀To process a return, be sure to tell us: full name and email address specified when placing an order; name of the training or ticket category, order date, payment information; reasons for refusal of services, as well as other necessary information.
⠀⠀You should understand that if you violate the procedure for filing a return request or do not provide us with the specified information, we have the right to refuse to return you and not consider your request.
⠀⠀11.4. Consequences of refusal of services
⠀⠀If you filed a refund request within the specified timeframe, we will return your funds within sixty (60) days from the date of receipt of the request. For a return, we will use the same payment method that you used when paying for the services.
⠀⠀All additional commissions of banks and payment systems associated with the return of payment are withheld from the refund amounts.
⠀⠀If you did not use the services (did not take part in the Training) through no fault of yours or refused to use the services in violation of the terms and established procedure, in this case, the cost of services is not reimbursed.
⠀⠀11.5. Special Cancellation Conditions and Additional Return Guarantees
⠀⠀We expressly reserve the right to set different opt-out policies for individual Services (training programs, products, live events, webinars, intensives, etc.) or provide you with additional unconditional refund guarantees by posting specific opt-out terms on the product order page.
⠀⠀11.6. Postponement of the Services
⠀⠀For good reason, no later than one (1) month from the date of payment for the Services (making the first payment), you have the right to request the transfer of the terms for the provision of the Services to other calendar dates and undergo training with the next stream of the course (on the terms of a similar package of services, equivalent to the purchased by cost). A good reason means circumstances that do not allow you to complete training at the scheduled time for health reasons (illness, injury, quarantine restrictions, etc.), subject to confirmation of such circumstances. In this case, no refund is made, and we will inform you of the new possible calendar dates for training. Postponement of the terms for the provision of Services is possible no more than once.
⠀⠀Please note that the cost of a similar package of services may change. If the cost of the transferred product exceeds the amount paid by you (prepayment), you agree to pay the difference before the start of the provision of the Services. If the amount of payment (prepayment) exceeds the cost of the ordered product, the difference in cost is not refundable.
⠀⠀To meet the deadline, it is enough for you to notify us in the set manner for filing a return request.
⠀⠀We definitely reserve the right to set different rescheduling policies for individual products by posting additional Rescheduling Terms on the product page.
⠀⠀11.7. Expiration of the withdrawal period
⠀⠀If you receive a request for a refund (refusal of services) in violation of the established deadlines for refusal, no refund will be made.
⠀⠀11.8. Using funds to pay for another product
⠀⠀No later than fourteen (14) days from the date of making the full payment, you have the right to request that the funds paid be credited towards payment for any of our other products (Services). If the cost of the purchased product exceeds the amount paid by you (deposit), you undertake to pay the difference before the start of the provision of the Services. If the deposit amount exceeds the value of the product ordered, the difference in value will not be refunded.
⠀⠀To meet the deadline, you must notify us in the manner prescribed for filing a return request.

⠀⠀12.1. When you pay for participation in the Training, you get access to content (information and training materials), copyright and related rights to which are protected or in any case belong to us, regardless of the fact of registration and the territory of their validity.
12.2. Trade marks
⠀⠀All brand names and trademarks mentioned on the site, including brand names and trademarks owned by third parties, are subject to applicable law. Their mention on the website or in training materials of Smart International Business does not mean that they are not protected by the rights of third parties.
⠀⠀The mark for goods and services, as well as the trade name Smart International Business are registered and belong to us. You cannot use these marks for goods or services without our written consent.
12.3. Copyright materials
⠀⠀All materials provided to you during the provision of services (content) are subject to copyright, the exclusive rights to use which belong to Smart International Business, regardless of the fact of registration and the territory of their validity.
⠀⠀Using the services of Smart International Business, you get the right to use educational content for personal non-commercial purposes.
⠀⠀Copying, processing, modification, full or partial use, public reproduction and distribution of the materials provided to you during the training, as well as the use of content for commercial purposes, without the written permission of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.
⠀⠀You are warned that photography, audio, video recording of the learning process is strictly prohibited. If you violate this requirement, you will not be eligible to receive services.
⠀⠀12.4. Rights violation
⠀⠀ Any violation of intellectual property rights is prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the country where services are provided and international law, and entails civil, administrative and criminal liability.
⠀⠀If facts of illegal use of our intellectual property (brand use; copying or processing of Training materials, or their distribution, etc.) are revealed, we have the right to stop providing services and block the violator's account, without refunding the cost of training.
⠀⠀We have the right, at our Choice, to demand from the infringer full compensation for damages caused by such violation or Payment by the violator of compensation in the amount of double the fee for the legitimate use of intellectual property, for each case of misuse.
⠀⠀If the violator refuses to voluntarily pay compensation, we will be forced to contact law enforcement agencies, initiate criminal prosecution of the violator and collect monetary compensation by force.

⠀⠀13.1. Law prescriptions
⠀⠀The provisions of the current legislation on consumer protection regarding claims for the provision of services of inadequate quality apply to emerging relationships, regardless of the General and Additional Terms. The scope of consumer rights granted to you by law, in any case, cannot be reduced.
⠀⠀13.2. Safeguard clause
⠀⠀We do not give any guarantees that using the services of Smart International Business will bring you the achievement of financial and any other results. The data provided during the training process is only advisory.
⠀⠀By purchasing participation in the Training, you agree that you use the content solely at your own discretion and bear unilateral responsibility for this.
⠀⠀Smart International Business does not bear any responsibility for your possible loss of profit, reputational and other risks that may arise when providing a training program. The results that you get in the process of using the strategies and recommendations received in the learning process depend on many factors that are exclusively individual in nature and depend on the student. These include your individual learning abilities, doing homework, implementation of the advice and strategies you receive in the course of your studies, as well as, factors in the business environment, markets and economic fluctuations at the time you use the strategies and knowledge.
The results of different users can vary significantly when using the same services. The provided cases and success stories are presented as a demonstration of the results of specific people, and are not a promise or guarantee that you will achieve the same results, even if you copy the strategies and actions that were taken by these people to achieve certain financial and other results. By using the materials, you give up legal claims and other forms of claims against us regarding the results obtained by you in the process of using the content and the services.
⠀⠀You should understand that your disagreement with the opinion of our trainers or speakers, the methodology and content of training programs, is not a basis for a refund.

⠀⠀14.1 General provisions
In case of violation of obligations by the parties, provision of false information at the conclusion or in the course of execution of the transaction, the parties shall be liable in accordance with the established procedure.
⠀⠀We are responsible for: violation of the Terms and Conditions for the provision of services; provision of Services of inadequate quality.
⠀⠀You are responsible for: the accuracy and correctness of the registration and payment data specified by you during the registration or ordering process; use of materials posted on the site or provided during the provision of the Services for the purpose of their subsequent resale, distribution or transfer to third parties; dissemination of false information about our company that discredits our business reputation (slander); violation of the Terms of Service; violation of payment terms; interfering with the operation of the site and available services or attempting to access them, bypassing our instructions.
⠀⠀14.2. Limitation of liability
⠀⠀Our total liability for any lawsuit or claims is limited to the amount of the purchased service of inadequate quality or provided in violation of the terms.
⠀⠀We are not responsible for: the impossibility of providing services due to reasons beyond our control, including force majeure, disruption of communication lines, malfunction of equipment and software that does not belong to us; for full or partial interruptions in the provision of services related to the replacement of equipment, software or other work caused by the need to maintain the operability and development of technical means (subject to prior notice to the user); violation of the security of equipment and software used by you to receive services; loss of confidential information or part of it, if this is not our fault; any damages to third parties that have arisen through no fault of ours.
⠀⠀In the event that we violate the terms for the provision of services, our liability is limited solely to: the extension of the terms for the provision of services, or the provision of services in new terms until the full fulfillment of our obligations.
⠀⠀ 14.3.Responsibility of our employees
In cases where our liability is limited or excluded, the same limitation or exclusion of liability applies to our employees.

⠀⠀15.1. Content Disclaimer
⠀⠀You are responsible for the content and materials that you post in chats while using the Smart International Business services. We are not responsible for the content you post and do not monitor it.
⠀⠀15.2. Chat rules for Smart International Business
⠀⠀These rules define the conditions for users to participate in the Training chats, as well as the rules for communication between participants, as well as with any employee of the Smart International Business team. By paying for training and using the chat, you accept these rules and undertake to abide by them. Before posting messages in the chat, please read these Rules carefully - it won't take long.
⠀⠀The chat was created to support the participants of the Training, live communication, analysis of cases and mistakes. Try to write and ask questions to the point. Respect yourself and other chat participants. Mutual support in the implementation of practical tasks is welcome.
⠀⠀15.3. Chats are strictly prohibited:
⠀⠀— spam and intrusive advertising (inappropriate offers of an advertising or commercial nature), sending links to third-party sites and products that are not related to SIB products;
⠀⠀ - subjective assessments of the training or the speaker;
⠀⠀ - disrespectful attitude towards other chat participants;
⠀⠀ - messages of offensive content, as well as messages containing profanity (both explicit and veiled);
- Intentional spelling and syntax errors that may lead to ambiguous understanding of the content of the message by other users;
⠀⠀- rude, offensive, caustic, provocative statements and remarks addressed to the chat participants, administrators and the speaker of the training;
⠀⠀ - discrimination on racial, national, religious or other grounds, nationalistic, racial slogans and statements;
⠀⠀ - messages containing propaganda of violence, weapons, advertising and open discussions of any drugs and alcohol;
⠀⠀ - materials of erotic and pornographic content;
⠀⠀ - material that violates the copyright and related rights of third parties (quoting, links, etc.);
⠀⠀— personal data of chat participants: email address, phone number, postal address, credit card number, etc.;
⠀⠀— flood - any messages and comments that are not directly related to the goals of the chat;
⠀⠀ - non-subject questions without an objective description of the problem and a specific addressee;
⠀⠀ - overly emotionally colored statements and value judgments about the cost of education and the expediency of acquiring it;
⠀⠀ - personal concerns about the complexity or effectiveness of training (for example: “I can’t”, “And if it doesn’t work?”, “It’s unrealistic”, “I won’t succeed”);
⠀⠀- slander, unfounded accusations and proliferation of unverified or false information, as well as, proliferation of information discrediting the honor, dignity or business reputation of chat participants and Smart International Business.
⠀⠀If the participant did not heed to the recommendation he can be blocked for any period that the administrator or chat moderator deems fair. In case of repeated or gross violation of these rules, we have the right to remove the participant's messages from the chat and block access to the chat and suspend the provision of services, or terminate the contract unilaterally without compensation for the cost of training.
15.4. Compensation for damage
⠀⠀If you violate the requirements of the Terms, you are obliged to reimburse us for all losses incurred in connection with the satisfaction of the claims of third parties (whose rights you have violated). We reserve the right to make claims for losses and other claims against you by way of recourse.
The Terms are valid until modified or withdrawn by Smart International Business.
⠀⠀The termination (revocation) of these Terms will not affect any legal rights, obligations and responsibilities that were in effect for you and Smart International Business and arose before the termination of the Terms.

⠀⠀The terms are valid until changed or withdrawn by Smart International Business.
⠀⠀The termination (revocation) of these Terms will not affect any legal rights, obligations and responsibilities that were in effect for you and Smart International Business and arose before the termination of the Terms.

⠀⠀The service agreement concluded in connection with the purchase of a ticket for the Training or booking participation in it is valid until the full fulfillment of obligations by the parties.

⠀⠀18.1. We can cancel the agreement (agreement) concluded with you at any time if:
⠀⠀— (A) you have violated any provision of the Terms (or have acted in a manner that clearly indicates your unwillingness or inability to comply with the Terms), or
⠀⠀— (B) we are compelled to do so by law (for example, if the provision of services to you is illegal or ceases to be legal), or
⠀⠀— (C) Smart International Business terminates the Services in the country in which You reside or use the Services, or
⠀⠀— (D) the provision of services becomes unprofitable from the point of view of Smart International Business.
⠀⠀If you try to interfere with the operation of the site, servers and other automated systems of Smart International Business or grossly violate the Terms, or if we suspect you of doing so, we may suspend or completely block your access to the site and services.
⠀⠀18.2. Unilateral withdrawal from the contract on valid grounds
Each party has the right to withdraw from the contract unilaterally for good reason.

⠀⠀Please note that by using the services, filling out the registration forms on the website/order page, you agree to our Privacy Policy and agree to the collection and processing of your personal data on the specified conditions. If you do not agree with them, stop using the site/order page.
⠀⠀We process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy; You can always find the current version of the Privacy Policy on the website/service order page. These terms govern the collection, processing, use and protection of your personal data.

⠀⠀We reserve the right to change or supplement these General Conditions by posting a relevant notice and a new version of the General Conditions on this page.
⠀⠀If the Additional Conditions change, we will post the new version of the them directly on the product description page.
⠀⠀If you do not object to the validity of the new Terms and Provisions, and continue to use the Services, the new version of the Terms is deemed to be accepted by you.
⠀⠀You should understand and agree that the use of the Services after the change of the General or Additional Terms is considered by us as your acceptance of these Terms. If you object to the new edition of the Terms, we definitely reserve the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract in the prescribed manner.

⠀⠀21.1. The General and Additional Terms constitute the entire legal agreement (contract for the provision of services and use of the site) between you and Smart International Business, govern the procedure for the provision of the Services (with the exception of services provided on the basis of a separate written agreement, if any) and completely replace all previous agreements and arrangements between you and Smart International Business.
⠀⠀21.2. Validity of provisions
If there is any conflict between the Additional Terms and the General Terms, the provisions of the Additional Terms relating to the relevant Service shall prevail.
⠀⠀If any judicial authority competent to consider this matter finds invalid any provision of these Terms, then the corresponding provision will be deleted from the Terms, with the remaining provisions of the Terms remaining in effect. The remaining provisions of the Terms will continue to be valid and may be enforced by the courts.
⠀⠀ 21.3. Applicable right
⠀⠀The relations of the parties are governed by the provisions of the legislation of Kazakhstan. In terms of consumer protection legislation, the laws of the user's country of residence apply.

⠀⠀If you are a legal entity (for the avoidance of doubt, the term “you” in relation to legal entities in these Terms means an organization), then an individual who has accepted the terms on behalf of your organization represents and warrants that it is authorized to act on your behalf and has sufficient authority to accept the Terms on your behalf.

⠀⠀By accepting the TERMS (by accepting the offer), you give us consent to:
⠀⠀— (A) organizing and maintaining photo, audio and video recording, as well as webcasts of open classes and events (sessions, debriefs and group classes), with your participation;
⠀⠀— (B) the use by Smart International Business of photo and video materials containing your image, as well as your voice and your performance for advertising purposes (including their processing and posting on the Internet).

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